Consolidate Debt

Combining multiple debts into a single debt can help you regain control over your monthly expenses and overall finances—and refinancing your home through Sierra Pacific Mortgage can be a cost-effective way to accomplish your goal. A debt consolidation loan can help reduce the overall payments you're making each month, from high-interest credit cards or school tuition to unexpected expenses such as major home repairs.
The first advantage of using a debt consolidation loan is the lower interest rate, since it's a secured loan, using your home equity.

Another important benefit of consolidating debt comes from simplicity. Instead of writing multiple checks or making online payments to a number of different creditors, you'll have just one transaction. Not only does that make monthly accounting easier, you can be confident that you won't be getting any contacts from creditors about overdue accounts. And because you're using your home equity, your payments may even be tax deductible.

With debt consolidation, you're paying your debts in full, with no adverse impact to your credit. Throughout the term of the loan, your payments remain level. Once a creditor is paid in full, the others receive larger payments to keep the ball rolling. Working with your Sierra Pacific loan officer on a debt consolidation plan turns your budget into a tool you can use to control your financial future.

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