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A real estate agent talking with a loan officer.

Our Loan Officer Program

Loan Officers

If you're ready to join a successful, growing team of loan officers, it's time to talk with Sierra Pacific Mortgage. The combination of our mortgage origination and servicing platforms and financial strength gives us the ability to offer an enhanced portfolio of products and services.

Our in-house control over a customer’s end-to-end origination and servicing experience furthers your ability to create customers for life.

A loan officer handing a pen to a client to sign an agreement.
"Secure, anytime access to your mortgage account."

We are committed to making a positive industry impact by providing a wide variety of mortgage products that will fit the needs of every homeowner and business partner. Loan officers can depend on us for best-in-class support, retail growth strategies, and capital markets expertise. The most important part of your job is building relationships with customers and influencers–not getting weighed down with tasks that feel like a distraction. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to providing our MLOs with the best marketing resources and support.

Our comprehensive suite of systems will help you stay organized and market yourself with style!


We've earned the reputation as a top-tier national retail lender, and that's a testimony to our network of partners—including loan officers like you. Our focus is to help you produce more, train your team for excellence, and grow your business. Above all, our exceptional service, a comprehensive product menu, competitive pricing, and state-of-the-art technology will help you stay ahead of the pack.

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