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The Sierra Pacific Mortgage sign on the building.

About Us

Quality service, Deep Industry Knowledge

Sierra Pacific Mortgage, with headquarters in Folsom, California, provides quality mortgage lending services throughout the United States.

Incorporated in 1986, we are a privately held company and have originated and purchased billions of dollars in residential loans. Licensed in 49 states, our high company production levels and access to sophisticated capital markets enable us to deliver competitively priced products to brokers, retail originators and consumers through retail and wholesale business channels.

We are a nationwide direct lender offering an assortment of residential lending programs, including FHA, VA, USDA and conventional loan programs. We are an approved seller/servicer for Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Jim Coffrini is our company's President, and has steered the company's vision and success since its inception. In the process, he created one of the industry's most successful independent mortgage banking firms. Goal-oriented and committed to the firm's future, Mr. Coffrini built our company on a foundation of quality lending practices, unparalleled service, unquestionable integrity and deep industry knowledge. Very simply put: Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Jim Coffrini

Jim Coffrini

President and CEO Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has persevered through the ever changing lending environment for over 30 years and we will continue to do so. We are strong, stable, and committed to future growth.

Our History

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    • 1986

      Sierra Pacific founded by President, Jim Coffrini

    • 1988

      VA automatic -HUD-approved correspondent

    • 1989

      First warehouse line through American Security Bank - FHA direct endorsement approval

    • 1994

      Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac approval

    • 1994

      Freddie Mac approval - Company opens wholesale channel

    • 1996

      Sierra Pacific Mortgage opens Pacific Northwest ROC

    • 2000

      Sierra Pacific Mortgage opens Fresno and San Diego ROCs

    • 2003

      Sierra Pacific Mortgage opens Orange County ROC

    • 2007

      Sierra Pacific Mortgage opens Mid-Atlantic ROC

    • 2008-2010

      Company adapts business model to the rapidly changing mortgage environment

    • 2012

      Sierra Pacific Mortgage initiates Loan Servicing Retention Program

    • 2013

      Launched Correspondent Channel

    • 2014

      Sold to GNMA

    • 2016

      Celebrated 30 years in business

Recent Awards

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has been recognized for achievements throughout the years. Here are just a few recent awards. 

2018 Top Mortgage Bankers Award
2017 Fifty Best Companies to Work For Award
2016 Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America Award
2016 Top Mortgage Lenders Award