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One of the Top Residential Lenders in the Nation

Recently named as "Top 50 Service Provider” by Mortgage Executive Magazine, Sierra Pacific Mortgage has the strength, stability and service customers have come to expect. We know that only one thing really matters to you - being approved for your loan.

Whether you’re buying your first home, adding another bedroom or settling into retirement, we have a loan program that meets your financial needs and a mortgage professional who will work with you throughout the loan process. That’s really why we are so successful. And that’s why you will think we’re number one.


Helping Families Achieve the American Dream

As different as Americans are, many of us seek home ownership. It’s the American Dream. Whatever your dream - buying for the first time, moving to a larger home, or downsizing - Sierra Pacific Mortgage can help make it real. We can wrap it in the comfort of a fixed-rate loan, or explore the benefits of an adjustable rate mortgage.

About Our Mortgage Professionals

Our mortgage professionals work closely with clients like you to tailor the loan to your immediate financial needs and long-term goals. We believe in timely, helpful communication and friendly, skilled service that is focused on you and your goals. We work to make every step of your journey smooth and easy.

We only make home loans. So we better be good at it – and we are. It’s that simple.

With our focus solely on mortgage lending, you can come to us with peace of mind, knowing that your mortgage loan is in good hands. As one of the nation’s largest private lenders, our focus is on helping you get into your new home.
Get your home loan from a Sierra Pacific Mortgage professional – close to home.

Tired of talking to someone reading off a script, transferring you from person to person with promises that the next will have the answers you are looking for? Come to Sierra Pacific Mortgage and talk to a licensed loan officer face-to-face, in an actual office near you. A loan professional who will work with you to answer all your questions, find you the right loan, and secure your next home.
Size does have its advantages.

Sierra Pacific mortgage is one of the nation’s largest independent mortgage bankers. We underwrite, process and fund all of our own loans saving you time and money. You also get the added benefit of working with true mortgage experts.
The three reasons you should come to Sierra Pacific Mortgage for your mortgage loan

1. You know what you can afford before you shop.
2. Real estate agents consider you a serious buyer.
3. A pre-qualification letter makes your offer solid with sellers.
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