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Todd Avakian

Todd Avakian

Retail Branch Manager
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About Todd

Bringing over 12 years lending experience to his clients along with a great passion for helping others attain their goals, makes Todd the right Loan Officer for you. As a Retail Branch Manager, Todd excels at leading his team to surpass client expectations, educate everyone in the loan transaction about proper lending practices and aspiring to find the right loan program for each individual . As a graduate of UCLA, Todd is still very involved in the southern California community. When not helping his clients with their mortgage goals, Todd volunteers his time for Dwelling 222 and Free Wheelchair Mission. If you share the same passion for continual personal growth and attaining your goals, Todd would love to talk more with you about what makes you great.

9851 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 100
9851 Irvine Center Drive,
Suite 100,
Irvine, CA 92618


Todd and his team were great to work with. The process (due to circumstances on our end) took over a year and Todd was there for my wife and I the entire time. He was always a call or text away and we put that to the test. What I appreciated was we would hear about some too-good-to-be-true product another lending firm was offering. I would tell Todd about it, he would look up that option on his end and make recommendations based on the parameters we had always given him. It was a rare time where I felt like a lender wasn't trying to make a sale but had our best interests at heart. I received Todd's name as a referral from my father-in-law and would happily refer Todd to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you, Todd and team!

Andrew D.

Todd Avakian and the Sierra Pacific team are beyond question, one of the best experiences I've ever had in the home mortgage business.  Their genuine concern for the well-being of their customers and their expertise in the industry, sets them apart from all their competition in the field.  They go above and beyond your expectations. I recently refinanced my home with Todd and the gang at Sierra Pacific and they were able to significantly reduce the interest rate on my mortgage as well as provide me with enough cash to remodel my master bath.  They really are THE BEST!

Pat G.

Todd Avakian was superb in helping us in the process of refinancing our mortgage. He was always available to answer any questions, extremely helpful in obtaining the approvals, totally responsive and knowledgeable to any issues and a pleasure to work with. His assistant Kirsten was equally as efficient, and it was amazing to have her help in answering questions we had as we walked through this refinance. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this team for anyone looking for a refinance team!

Carol F.

Let me tell you! I can't say how much Todd Avakian and Sierra Pacific Mortgage did for me and my wife! We had originally start with Quicken Loans on getting a refinance with a cash out option on our home. They ordered an appraisal and the value was WAY below what we thought our home was worth. After thinking it over, a friend of mine suggested we contact Todd. I was skeptical at first. But Todd made both of us feel very comfortable.

So Todd suggested we get another appraisal done on our home. Our home was valued at $25,000 more than Quicken Loans, with double the amount of cash out. Todd was ALWAYS quick to get back with emails...and quick with call backs as well. The process was so smooth. We felt like Todd really was working for US. We didn't feel like a number...but more like a friend. He took care of us throughout the entire process...answered questions when we had them...and honestly, I can't think of EVER doing business with another company again.

Save yourself some time and aggravation, and call Todd first. I am telling you...we are thrilled with the experience with him and his company. Thanks Todd! We truly do appreciate everything!

Steven B.

Very thankful to have Todd on our team.  We recently purchased a home that required a loan approval with income generated from a newer S-corporation.  Todd was very proactive to offer suggestions for different loan options, whether utilizing a HELOC or not, and getting the best terms.  He was very fast to email us about requests from underwriting to ensure that our mortgage would fund on time! 

Considering how difficult it can be to get a winning bid in Orange County, I was confident that my team would get the deal done and provide the loan I needed.  Whether you have a complicated income structure making it difficult to get a loan approved, need a refi, or you are not getting enough feedback from anyone else on what options you could pursue for your loan, Todd and his team are the lenders for you.

Andrew L.

After nearly having our home purchase fall through at the last week due to the failures of another lender I won't name, we thought we were throwing a Hail Mary by reaching out to Todd and his team. Lucky for us they were ON IT. They moved extremely quickly to get everything processed and approved and were able to get us closed just a few days after our original close date.

His team was professional and prompt, and really seemed to care about getting things done. Wishing we'd just started with Sierra Pacific instead of going through the headache with the other lender first, but ultimately so grateful we found Todd and his team and they got it done. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Kate S.

I have worked with Todd Avakian since 2012 on multiple home purchases and refinances. Each time I’ve been provided the BEST customer service and the smoothest process. He’s a true professional and I refer him to everyone I come across. I just closed on another home purchase (March 2019) and both the buyer and seller realtors wouldn’t stop saying how amazing he was. He’s great and I highly recommend him.

Nicole B.

I recently had the pleasure to work with Todd on my home refi-loan and it was as smooth as I could have ever imagined. He and his team were a delight. I will definitely not hesitate to refer him to anyone in the future who is looking for the same type of service. Thanks again Todd and team!

TerryAnn B.

They will go the extra mile to make sure your deal gets done... Todd and his team were great, helped along the way and at every step... carried me for a while... but in the end it all got done. Professional and quick to respond to questions and requests for help. I would highly recommend Todd & Sierra Pacific Mortgage for refi and new purchases!

Steve G.

We had a great experience with Todd and all of his associates at Sierra Pacific Mortgage. He handled our account personally and professionally and was both diligent and creative in helping us choose the right loan product.  We had a 21-day Escrow and he made it happen with no mistakes and right on time!

Kevin T.

Todd and his team were amazing! I have never had a refi so easy to get done.

Bruce C.

Todd and his team are the best! Todd listened to our goals and provided all possible options. He was creative, timely, responsive and trustworthy.  He is our lender for life! Thanks Todd and team!

Hali S.

I have known TODD for years and cannot stress his integrity and his committed work ethic.

Richard P.

Todd and his team are true professionals, and the best the business! Smooth and no surprises, just great service!

Roy H.

Great service, responsive and knowledgeable. Todd helped us navigate our options in a timely manner. We were pressed for time, among other challenges, and Todd took the time to listen to us and helped us achieve our goal!

Agustin C.

Todd and his team are amazing! My wife and I are seniors and Todd walk us through the refi process resulting in a great rate, a lower manageable monthly and established what will be a long-term relationship! Thanks Todd!

Andy A.

Very professional. Highly recommend if you’re looking for help on refinancing or seeing what options are available to your situation. Was always kept in the loop on up to date status. His team so nice. People you want to work with and have on your side. Had a great fast transaction. Very happy camper!

Javier T.

Todd and his team were amazing to work with. They processed our refinance quickly and without any worries or changes. Todd explained our options clearly and executed everything in a timely manner. Great team, will definitely recommend them in the future.

Leigh Anne S.

We began as friends and listeners of Hugh Hewitt (Salem Radio), just checking, not expecting to refinance.  We were surprised and pleased at our timing. Todd and his staff were absolutely superb- timely, complete, efficient right to closing.  We could not be more pleased.

MajGen Mel S.

Todd  talked to me personally and ensured everything went smoothly. His staff was experienced, professional and anticipated all my questions. I completed my business in just 3 weeks.  Thanks Todd and all your staff.

Mark P.

Todd Avakian and his team was great on mine and my wife's home refinance. They were quick to respond to my emails and phone calls on questions that I had. I would recommend them to anyone.

Todd L.

Todd gave me better than 5 star service always available when needed .great guy. Process was quick and consumer friendly what use him again for future refinancing needs.

Tony C.
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Licensed in Alabama 21214. Licensed in Arkansas 23921. Sierra Pacific Mortgage Services, Inc., Licensed in Arizona under License No. 0905006. Licensed in California by the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Regulated in Colorado by the Division of Real Estate 1788 and Supervised Lender License 988320. Licensed in Florida MLD219. Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee 16444. 1180 Iron Point Road, Suite 200, Folsom, CA 95630 (Tel. 916-932-1700). Licensed in Idaho MBL-195. Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee MB.0006383 - Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, 310 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2130, Chicago, IL 60604-4278, (312) 793-3000. Licensed in Indiana 10913. Licensed in Kentucky MC22473. Licensed in Maryland 16329. Licensed in Michigan FR0012888. Licensed in Minnesota MN-MO-20260783. Licensed in Montana 1788. Licensed in North Carolina L-127865. Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Licensed in Nevada 3268. We provide mortgage lending and brokering services. Ohio Mortgage Broker Act Mortgage Banker Exemption MBMB.850237.000. Licensed in Oregon under License # ML-460. Licensed in Pennsylvania 25396. Licensed in South Carolina MLS-1788. Licensed in Tennessee 109426. Licensed in Texas 1788. Licensed in Virginia MC-5275. Licensed in Vermont, Lender License 5913, Mortgage Broker License 0830MB. Licensed in Washington CL-1788. Licensed in Wisconsin 38288BA and 1788BR. Not Licensed in the State of New York.