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Tammy Andrews

Tammy Andrews

Retail Branch Manager
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About Tammy

Integrity is the cornerstone of my business. I believe a mortgage should be about building relationships and helping my customers achieve their home financing goals; it’s not just a transaction.

As your confident mortgage professional, I take a consultative approach to the home loan process by customizing each home financing solution for my customer. It’s important to me to tailor mortgages to my customers’ unique financial needs.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing your current residence, or investing in additional property, I can help you find the right loan program for you. Contact me today.

5850 Waterloo Road, Suite 140
5850 Waterloo Road,
Suite 140,
Columbia, MD 21045


Barry & Tammy,
Thanks for an outstanding job with Mike D. From your end I couldn't have been more impressed. I hope he loves his new home =) 

Stephen B., Realtor

Tammy and Barry are the best financial team to work with. They were prompt and very caring. I was in great hands!

Monique H.

Thanks so much for lunch and all of the great information today at HCAR! I really enjoyed the presentations and Plan B worked out just fine. I look forward to working with the app and attending a first time homebuyer seminar too. In the meantime, if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. Thanks! 

Heather S.

Dear Tammy and Barry,
I'm a bit late in letting you know what a pleasure it was to work with you on the purchase of my home.  Your responsiveness, empathy during a Road bump then quick smoothing out of that Road bump, professionalism and approachability are amazing.  I felt like I was working with friends; not a team solely interested in achieving numbers. I will happily refer you whenever the opportunity presents itself.  With gratItude and respect,

Karen K.
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