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Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company Inc. NMLS #1788 Toll Free 800-447-3386
6897 139Th Lane Nw, Suite 102
6897 139Th Lane Nw,
Suite 102,
Ramsey, MN 55303

About David

For me, it is a privilege to lead and inspire the team at Sierra Pacific Mortgage's Twin Cities Branch. My career has been guided by a deep passion for every aspect of real estate including sales, mortgage banking and homebuilding. In fact, I ran a homebuilding company, and started my own lending firm, and came to understand how diverse markets, like Minnesota encompass a vast range of homebuyers, each with particular goals and needs.

Twenty-plus years in the mortgage industry underscores my desire to be a team builder, a customer advocate, a problem-solver and a marketing guru. Whether our client is a move up, luxury home, first-time or investment property buyer, I guide my team in doing three things: understanding the customer and their individual situation, supporting them in finding and obtaining the right mortgage from our expansive array of programs, and providing superior service, while avoiding speed bumps, resolving credit challenges, and assuring a smooth borrowing process.

My role as a Branch Manager pairs the use of advanced technology and an emphasis on personalized client care in the daily operations of the Twin Cities branch. This dynamic blend of technology and team approach is at the core our company's distinctiveness within the mortgage lending industry. I make it my ongoing mission to serve the needs of clients in Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester, Mankato, Faribault, Maple Grove, Ramsey, Plymouth, and Brainerd, and in a multitude of towns and cities that span the entire State of Minnesota.

Licensing Information :
Licensed in Minnesota MN-MO-20260783. Licensed in Wisconsin 38288BA and 1788BR. Not Licensed in the State of New York.