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Cassandra Farnese

Cassandra Farnese

Senior Loan Officer
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About Cassandra

As a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Loan Officer, I am dedicated to helping my clients find the perfect loan tailored to their unique financial requirements. With over 28 years mortgage lending experience, my in depth knowledge of Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, CalHFA, MCC and other loan programs, ensures my clients a full menu of opportunities and options with knowledged guidance to support their needs. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my Husband, our 4 children and one grandchild. My 3 horses, 4 miniature donkeys, 5 dogs and 2 cats also keep us very busy when we are not spending time at the lake, a rodeo and simply enjoying life with our friends. My simple love of life keeps me running, and I would not have it any other way! Whether you are purchasing your dream home, a vacation home or an investment property, refinancing, want to consolidate debt or simply tap into your equity to receive some cash out of your home, I provide personal attention and communication from start to closing. I am happy to help and provide the quality of service and dedication to your specific needs.

330 Tres Pinos Road, Suite F-3
330 Tres Pinos Road,
Suite F-3,
Hollister, CA 95023


It was a great experience working with you Cassandra. My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the loan transition a breeze on such a short notice. We appreciate all the time you took to help us out ... and answering all our questions. Many blessings for you and your family always... You have a friend in me! An extremely HAPPY HOMEOWNER

Dessi H.

Cassandra is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the mortgage business. I've worked with her multiple times and everything has always went very smoothly. If you want a professional who truly cares about her clients, Cassandra is the one for you. She goes above and beyond! Give her a call, you won't regret it!!

Debbie P.

Cassandra is a fantastic loan officer.  She is very quick and extremely knowledgeable.  We appreciate the fact that she works fast and she went out of her way to help us meet our deadline. Thank you!    From my family to yours!

Jose D.

I can't believe how easy Cassandra make the whole refinance process, a little bit of paperwork and before you know it your done. We will recommend her to everyone. Thank You Cassandra!

Vonae B.

I have to share My experience with buying a house using Cassandra Farnese with My Husband. I knew from the start Cassandra was the right one for the job. Tim asked, "Who do you know?...Cassandra..."

I knew She was experienced and had professionalism. She really read the fine print on one issue that Tim didn't see and called Us immediately. Our Realtor enjoyed working with Her and mentioned it a lot. We highly recommend Cassandra!

Oh and when you use her, BE READY...escrow closes on time, if not sooner... Thanks again Cassandra, We appreciate You!

Susan R.

Thank you Cassandra Farnese for making the process as painless and easy as possible.

Amy J.

Cassandra Is my go to girl, I have nothing to worry about when she handles my buyers. Most times we close very early thanks to her experience and skills at the complete loan process!

Anna A.

If you are looking for someone to be with you every step through buying your home, you've come to the right person! Questions get answered, any potential issues are solved, and any stress you might feel is eased. Buying your first home (as I did) is very scary, but Cassandra walked me through everything I needed to do, know, and told me what NOT to worry about (basically everything). I couldn't be happier with my experience!

Ashleigh L.

Thank you for Cassandra Farnese and your team for your fast close and professionalism.

Charlotte C.

Cassandra Farnese is very knowledgeable. She has closed my client"s loans effortlessly and always before schedule. No loans have been to difficult for her to handle.

Joanna Z.

If you truly want a responsive, prompt, and knowledgable professional Cassandra Farnese would be that professional.

Ronnie E.
Licensing Information :
Licensed in California by the Department of Business Oversight under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Not Licensed in the State of New York.