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Casey Costello

Casey Costello

Retail Sales Manager
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About Casey

As a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Loan Officer, I am dedicated to helping my clients find the perfect loan tailored to their unique financial needs. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing or consolidating debt, I can help you find the right loan program at a competitive interest rate.

4164 Virginia Beach Blvd, Suite 202
4164 Virginia Beach Blvd,
Suite 202,
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Casey  was great, he was knowledgeable quick and caring. I will definitely use him when I go and buy a second home.

Chase G.

Casey was the best. Always answered our calls and questions. Was able to lock in a great rate and the paper work was accurate and complete. The easiest and smoothest refinancing we ever did. I highly recommend Casey to anyone. Outstanding job.

Victor G.
Licensing Information :
Licensed in California by the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Licensed in North Carolina L-127865. Licensed in Virginia MC-5275. Not Licensed in the State of New York.