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Susan Byerley

Susan Byerley

Loan Officer
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About Susan

I live my life following a motto that has served me very well, “That a person should always leave something better off than it was before.” One of the greatest privileges of working with Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, is that they also recognize and follow this same rule. In an ever-changing mortgage industry, it is crucial to stay focused on what matters most, and that is fulfilling the needs of our borrowers while making a difference in the communities in which we serve.

Having lived in Las Vegas for over 35 years, I’ve witnessed our community’s extraordinary growth, and it is equally important to utilize a loan officer who has the ability to provide every borrower with the right mortgage loan programs to support that growth. Whether helping first-time homebuyers, or buyers that are buying their third home, we at Sierra Pacific Mortgage strive to offer loan programs that can fulfill those needs.

I realize the value in helping build a stronger community for tomorrow, which is why I’ve had the honor to sit on several charitable and philanthropy boards in the past such as, The Women’s Development Center, the Advisory Board for Boys & Girls Club, as well as Baby’s Bounty. In addition, I’m also an active member for The Women’s Philanthropy Group and The Nevada Community Foundation.

I hope you let my experience, and the strength of a respected mortgage lender help you today, so that you too, can have a better tomorrow. I look forward to helping you on your next home purchase or refinance!

2580 St Rose Pkwy, Suite 230
2580 St Rose Pkwy,
Suite 230,
Henderson, NV 89074
Licensing Information :
Licensed in Nevada 3268. We provide mortgage lending and brokering services. Not Licensed in the State of New York.