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Mike Popnoe

Mike Popnoe

Mortgage Advisor
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About Mike

Hi, I'm Mike Popnoe. I'm a former software engineer who turned mortgage professional in October 2005. If you are reading this, you are likely trying to determine 'Why should I work with this guy?'. Well, my testimonials will provide the most assistance in that decision, but let me share why I do this job and what I provide to each prospective client.

Whether you are contemplating buying your first home, or zeroing in on a great investment property - the mortgage is a crucial component of the transaction. Getting great rates and terms is critical but so is diving into all of your options with clarity and transparency. Also, we want to determine how to best fit this mortgage into your overall financial life. Sound complicated and time-consuming? It isn't. With a thorough consultation, along with asking you the right/important questions, we can develop a game plan for your mortgage needs.

I'm passionate about making the mortgage process crystal-clear. Are you curious about why and how mortgage rates move? Or reviewing an easy-to-understand, customized mortgage report to assist in finding the perfect loan for you? How about a stress-free home buying experience? Where you know every step upfront before you even start looking at homes. Helping people understand their options, find the best fit, and delivering an exceptional home buying experience is why I am in this business.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you! Please call, text or email me anytime. I'm here to help.

4640 S Macadam Ave, Suite 90
4640 S Macadam Ave,
Suite 90,
Portland, OR 97239
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