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Mark Mcginnis

Mark Mcginnis

Loan Officer
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About Mark

The mortgage financing process is one in which open communication and discussion of your objectives are absolutely key to providing an outstanding experience. In fact, my goal is to provide you a real estate finance experience better than any you have ever had. And if it’s your first time buying real estate, I want you to be informed, empowered, and engaged in the process, knowing you are getting the right program for your particular situation. Money is a commodity, but I believe a mortgage should be about building relationships and helping my customers define and achieve their real estate financing goals.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing your current mortgage or investing in additional property, I can help you find the right loan program. Give me a call or email today.

4640 S Macadam Ave, Suite 90
4640 S Macadam Ave,
Suite 90,
Portland, OR 97239


I have known Mark for many years and have experienced not only his outstanding commitment to his customers but also his continued pursuit to improve the experience of his clients. I have recommend Mark many times to friends and family and he has never done anything but exceed all of their expectations.

Ken L.

Mark takes the time to actually listen to your specific needs and then make recommendations that fit....that may seem less than intuitive because many people think of home mortgages as a commodity. But the fact is that Mark helped me with a solution that took into account my desire to achieve certain flexibilities in loan structure. Mark also understands the capital markets dynamics that impact the mortgage market. 

Mark S.

Mark is a fabulous Mortgage Broker. He is reliable, on time, personable and trustworthy. He consistently offers buyers great loans at super rates. I highly recommend anyone use Mark McGinnis for all your Real Estate needs.

Martha P.

After some unfortunate mishaps with our personal bank, Mark came to the rescue and was able to lock down a low interest rate loan with speed and ease. He was extremely helpful during the entire process and always took the time to explain details that were new to my husband and I. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Sage C.

Mark is a great mortgage broker, very honest, reliable and extremely professional. I highly recommend Mark!

Susie M.

Mark offered a concise and timely recommendation on my home refinance. He made the entire process from understanding my options to the final signing a smooth and pressure free experience. I would recommend Mark as a trustworthy contact for your financial questions.

Tom C.
Licensing Information :
Licensed in California by the Department of Business Oversight under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Licensed in Oregon under License # ML-460. Licensed in Washington CL-1788. Not Licensed in the State of New York.