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Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company Inc. NMLS #1788 Toll Free 800-447-3386
Joe Yaeger

Joe Yaeger

Loan Officer
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Integrity is the cornerstone of my business. I believe a mortgage should be about building relationships and helping my customers achieve their home financing goals; its not just a transaction.

As your confident mortgage professional, I take a consultative approach to the home loan process by customizing each home financing solution for my customer. Its important to me to tailor mortgages to my customers unique financial needs.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing your current residence, or investing in additional property, I can help you find the right loan program for you. Contact me today.

1180 Iron Point Road, Suite 200
1180 Iron Point Road,
Suite 200,
Folsom, CA 95630
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Sierra Pacific Mortgage Services, Inc., Licensed in Arizona under License No. 0905006. Licensed in California by the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Regulated in Colorado by the Division of Real Estate 1788 and Supervised Lender License 988320. Licensed in Connecticut ML-1788. Licensed in Florida MLD219. Licensed in Hawaii HI-1788 and MS109. Licensed in Idaho MBL-195. Licensed in Maryland 16329. Licensed in Missouri 18-1745. Licensed in North Carolina L-127865. Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Licensed in New Mexico 01592. Licensed in Nevada 3268. We provide mortgage lending and brokering services. Licensed in Oklahoma ML002691. Licensed in Oregon under License # ML-460. LICENSED IN UTAH 7520220 Licensed in Virginia MC-5275. Licensed in Washington CL-1788. Licensed in Wisconsin 38288BA and 1788BR. Not Licensed in the State of New York.