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Geoff Prettyman

Geoff Prettyman

Sr. Loan Officer
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About Geoff

As a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Loan Officer, I know what it takes to get a loan closed!

I work with my clients to find the mortgage options that best meets their unique needs. If you are on Active Military Duty, a Reservist, a member of the National Guard, or a Veteran, you have access to home loan benefits specifically available to you. Take advantage of zero percent down payments, flexible qualifying criteria, and competitive rates with a VA loan. Sierra Pacific's financing options don't stop there. I work with my clients to find the mortgage option that best meets their unique needs.

- Conventional Loans
- VA Home Loans
- FHA Home Loans
- Jumbo Loans
- Down Payment Assistance Programs

2220 J Street, Suite 8
2220 J Street,
Suite 8,
Sacramento, CA 95816


Hi, this is Anita and recently I had the pleasure of working with Geoff Prettyman  from Princeton Capital as a lender. I would like to share with you how important it is to  have someone like Geoff working with you. Geoff was always available when I called and needed answers when somethings came up and was available through out the  whole loan process keeping me informed every step of the way. I would highly 
recommend him and would do business again with Geoff if I needed to in the near future.

Anita C.

My refinance with Geoff Prettyman was a very positive experience. I would recommend, without hesitation, Geoff to any of my family or friends that were thinking of refinancing. Geoff treated me with kindness and respect and always informed me of what to expect next and how the refinance process was moving along.


Geoff is a faithful brother in Christ to us, and has shown us immense integrity throughout our home buying process. He was kind in his honesty to the reality of any aspect of the process. He allowed us to make informed choices and was patient for us to make decisions. He was kind in the way he spoke of the other party in the transaction as well, which kept us in a place of caring for everyone involved in the process. We have recommended Geoff and have shared that his work was a significant part of helping us buy our first home! 

Becky & Louie P.

Geoff Prettyman was awesome! He got my family and I into our home in a timely manner. Geoff was very professional and advised me of any required documents right away. I highly recommend Geoff to anyone looking to buy their home with no hassles! 

Bertha N.

Geoffrey helped me so much, some days I was so stressed, but Geoffrey would say it's going to okay. He worked so hard for me, and at end of the day I got my new home. I am so happy. I will always have a place in my heart for Geoffrey. Thanks Geoffrey for all that you did for me.

Betty B.

Geoff worked hard to get me my great loan. I appreciated that he/Princeton matched the rate of an institution I had done business with before, and extended my loan lock when that was needed. I would recommend him to folks looking for compettive rates and fees.

Bill A.

Not knowing Geoff personally I had to act on the referral of my real estate agent, who had promised me superior service from Geoff. Was I surprised? No, because we had little time to act on our purchase of a new home. In comes Geoff, here comes timeliness, efficiency and professionalism.

As a financial specialist Geoff exhibits speed, tact, and accuracy delivered in a kind and unassuming manner. Up against an impossible deadline for completion Geoff was able to navigate the complex waters of the escrow process and finalized our purchase well within the actual timeline for completion. Geoff was focused on the results! Couldn't have done it without Geoff and recommend him to potential clients without reservation.

Bill C.

Geoff is absolutely wonderful to work with! For a first time home buyer the process can be very intimidating but having a knowledgeable and trustworthy person like Geoff in your corner makes all the difference. Geoff is professional, courteous and available anytime to answer the myriad questions that came up throughout the process of buying a home.

Brian C.

Geoff was very professional and knowledgeable when we wanted to refinance our home. Geoff was attentive to our needs and communicated with us on a regular basis. He walked us through the process step by step and always kept us abreast of the situation. We were fortunate to have been able to work with Geoff and would recommend Geoff for consideration to anyone in need of his services.

Bruce & Diana J.

Being new to the area, we had no idea where we should go for mortgage assistance. Very fortunately for us, Geoff Prettyman was recommended to us by our realtor. Throughout the complex and extraordinarily detailed process Geoff was thorough, available, responsive, ethical and reliable. We so admired his work that we recommended him to our niece, and she is now working with him as she starts the process of buying her first home.

Bruce B.

Geoff was very professional and knowledgeable when we wanted to purchase our home. Geoff went above and beyond our expectations. Geoff was attentive to our needs and communicated with us on a regular basis. He walked us through the process step by step and always kept us abreast of the situation (even when he's sick). We felt very fortunate to have been able to work with Geoff. We will definitely refer families and friends to him. We look forward to working with him in the future. We hope he never leaves his job. We as consumers need more people like him to help us.

Chan & Vang

Geoff was awesome throughout our entire house buying process. He answered all our questions/calls/emails without ever getting annoyed. And he put in tons of extra effort to get us into our new house as quickly as possible. 

Christian B.

Geoff was the loan officer for the home my husband and I purchased. He was extremely professional and worked closely with us to finalize the loan quickly. There were hurdles to overcome and with his guidance made the whole process painless. Thank you Geoff and God Bless you and yours! 

Cookie M.

2nd home bought using Geoff and he always makes it happen. 

David C.

My husband and I recently purchased a home and Geoff was our loan officer. We very much enjoyed working with him, and appreciated his quick and thorough services. 

Debbie G.

Geoff did an excellent job for my wife and I. We had a very tight deadline - new renters were moving into the house we were living in. We needed to close and close fast. When it came down to the wire and underwriting was giving us hell with a million little forms and requirements Geoff came through and helped us get everything squared away. He was also calm and professional through the entire experience which was a very much needed trait during the stress of the experience.

Derek M.

I gladly recommend Geoff Prettyman in that his help with the loan process is invaluable. He is very patient even with stress filled first time home buyer clients. He will walk you through the process and go the extra mile to make sure everything is correct.

Diann T.

Just a note to thank you for hiring such great employees! Geoff helped us out with a loan to buy a home in Carmichael - our realtor knows Geoff and they have both worked together in real estate transactions in the past. Anyway, it was a good thing to have such competent help in sorting through the paperwork and make sure we did everything right! He was prompt in answering our questions and very knowledgeable.  I'd highly recommend Geoff and Princeton Capital! Great company and great personnel! 
Thank you, 

Jan & Tom C.

Geoff's loyalty and commitment really helped us through the purchasing process for our new home. As Short Sales often do, ours turned into a very long sale, but Geoff was there through it explaining step by step what was occurring with our loan and what we needed to do to reach the finish line. He really helped take the stress of waiting off our shoulders. His knowledge of finances enabled us to maneuver through the home buying process making financial decisions that would ease us into a new house payment and interest rate. 

We would recommend Geoff to anyone. 

Ken & Kim S.

Geoff did a great job.

Ross F.

This is the second time that Geoff has helped my family refinance. We are so very thankful for all of Geoffs hard work. He makes the process painless. Thanks again Geoff. 

Ryan S.

Geoff provided exceptional service as my loan officer for a property that I was purchasing as a second home. Showing me a number of options to consider, he found the great mortgage rate that worked for me. After one escrow fell through, Geoff quickly redirected my application to a new property, saving me from having to redo most of the paperwork. He was also was able to extend the excellent loan rate to the new property without charge, saving me thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Geoff kept me informed throughout the process and answered my questions promptly and completely. As a plus, Geoff offered low financing costs, lower than the competitors I checked. Hands down, Geoff is the best mortgage loan officer I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a mortgage loan.

Douglas G.

We are grateful for Geoff's assistant in the purchasing process of our house. He was thorough in explaining and guiding us with the steps required. We expressed our appreciation to him and already shared information with our friends. Thank you.

George & Rita T.

Geoff has helped us greatly in purchasing a home. Selecting a loan officer is easy, but its hard to find ones when you have "clarification" questions after work hours. Geoff picks up my phone calls, at night, on weekends. I would do business with Geoff again.

Gerald L.

My husband and I were looking to buy our first home and Geoff made our experience very easy and fun. Geoff has guided us through every step and explained the process in detail. He was very knowledgeable about the loan process and answered ALL of our questions and concerns. When we met for the first time Geoff was attentive and approachable. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and carrying Loan officer Geoff Prettyman is your guy.

Ify C.

When it came time to consider refinancing I had many options of who to contact being a retired residential Realtor. Based on our +/- 20 year professional friendship I had no doubts regarding Geoff's moral integrity and his technical knowledge. I knew he would be looking for the best options on my behalf. I was not disappointed. Geoff kept me posted on the progress and the final transaction turned out just as he promised. 

I guess the real test is would I work with him again should I need another refi and would I recommend him to my family and/or friends. Without any reservations the answer is YES!

Al S.

When I tried to sell my home for the third time, I felt discouraged, disappointed, and alone - until my Realtor recommended Geoff Prettyman to help me obtain financing to purchase a new home. At first I did not believe Mr. Prettyman would be able to help me since I couldn't buy a home until I sold my current home. Much to my surprise, Geoff graciously asked if he could attend the open house showings for my home, and he actually went above and beyond my expectations by helping us (my Realtor and I) sell my home. It took a lot of work and time, and Geoff helped us through every step of the process. 

Mr. Prettyman was very helpful, kind, and professional through this 3 month process of selling my home and buying a different home. When I felt hopeless that I would not be able to sell my home, and later when I became confused by all the paperwork needed to sell a home and buy another home, Mr. Prettyman continued to provide help and professional advice. Geoff attended every meeting at my request for both the sale and purchase process, even though he was only contracted to help provide financing for my purchase of another home. 

He answered all my questions, returned every phone call, and was very kind in helping this over-50-year-old single woman navigate the challenges of home buying financing. 

Now I am in my desired neighborhood in a home I did not think I would be able to buy thanks to Mr. Prettyman and my Realtor. I highly recommend Mr. Prettyman for his expertise and professionalism, kindness, and patience.

Joceline B.

Geoff Prettyman was such a pleasure to work with. My wife Mercy, and I felt truly blessed to have him assist us in buying our new home. Geoff was always there for us by both phone and email for the myriad of questions we had. When visiting him in person he was always on time, and ready for each meeting. When he met with us, we always had his total attention, no cell phone or other interruptions. He was completely knowledgeable and was able to walk us through every question or concern we had. Geoff treated us as family not just as customers. You get the real feeling with Geoff that he really cares for you, he doesnt treat you like a one-time customer but as a long-time friend. Without question or hesitation I recommend him! If my mother or daughter was buying a new home, I would personally make the introductions!

John L.

As first time home buyers we were very skeptical about who we were using. We were recommended several lenders by friends and family and even by our realtor. After sitting down with our first lender we knew exactly what we didnt want in a lender. So we went and sat down with Geoff to change our perspective of what a lender should be. WOW! Geoff was simply amazing.

He brought our faith back in buying a home and having someone there to ask questions. Geoff is more than a lender, hes someone who will help guide you in the right direction and is always available even if you have dumb questions. Trust me as first time home buyers we had plenty of questions and Geoff was gracious enough to always have a answer or the ability to get the answer. Geoff is courteous, kind, and warm hearted and I will never regret my decision to go with Geoff. 

Jonathan R.

If you are looking for someone you can trust in the homebuying process, you will want to contact Geoff Prettyman. As a first time homebuyer, I had doubts and concerns, but Geoff took the time to explain everything. He is not just a loan officer but a teacher and makes sure you are taken care of. The process was straightforward and he went above and beyond. He took the stress and frustration out of the process. I highly recommend Geoff.

Jordan A.

I highly recommend Geoff at Princeton Capital. He was able to prequalify me for a home mortgage which helped me when looking for a home. He also sent a Home Buyers packet which had lot's of good information on buying a home.


Geoff Prettyman is the guy to go to! My wife and I were nervous at the beginning when we were applying for a VA home loan; it was unfamiliar territory. Geoff however, made is so easy and streamlined. He was always on time and on target. This can be credited to his strict work ethic, passion for the job and his Veteran background. I would recommend Geoff to anyone I come across who is in the market for a home. Thank you Geoff, and Happy New Year to you good Sir!

Kurt D.

We really appreciate Geoff for his dedication, sincerity, honesty and most of all his professionalism. He handled even the most challenging situations with grace and patience. Geoff spent a lot of man hours with us and explained every step and detail to us in the refinancing process. We would highly recommend Geoff and Princeton Capital to anyone refinancing or buying a new home. Thank you Geoff.

Laurie & Ben V.

Geoff recently represented us and secured a FHA loan for the purchase of our home. He was very knowledgeable about the in's and out's of the FHA process and always returned any calls we left for him with the information we asked for. He also helped remove some erroneous information from our credit reports and joined us at the Title Company to make sure there were no problems with the closing. Very professional and very personal service. 

Pat & Rebecca L.

Geoff Prettyman was the senior loan officer who handled the loan for the purchase of my home in mid November, 2011. He currently originates loans with Sierra Pacific Mortgage and I couldn't be happier with his service! More specifically, during the initial process, he tirelessly researched the best loans that would fit my needs. He educated me on the process, and even gave me advice on how to increase my credit score. I ended up getting a loan that required me to put very little down.

Without Geoff's assistance, the loan and the size of the house that I was able to get into would not have been possible. In addition, when I was having some technical difficulties with my agent, he gently suggested a few others at my request. The agent that I ended up with has since become a personal friend of mine. Lastly, towards the end of the escrow process, the timeline was getting near to the point of where I might have to forfeit the plan that he was able to get for me so that I could qualify for this 3,500 square foot property. As was the norm for Geoff, he put in a crazy amount of time and effort to make sure that we closed on time, and we did. At this current time, I am selling that home and reaping the benefits of close to $200,000.00 worth of equity! Geoff is a true professional that goes well above and beyond his job description! 

Rodney F.

Geoff was very helpful in refinancing my home. He not only treated me like family, but he also took time to help me deal with multiple paperwork issues that come up during the refinance process. If I had any questions, he answered them very quickly and help me make an informed decision. I would recommend Geoff Prettyman to all my friends and family. Thanks again.

Ryan S.

Geoff is amazing! There are many hoops to jump through when getting a new mortgage and Geoff made the process smooth and easy. He moved our paperwork through quickly and was always ready with a response to our countless questions. We highly recommend working with Geoff Prettyman - you won't be disappointed!

Shannon & Larry

My husband and I had been "planning" to get a house for over three years. I say "planning" because we never really got past the vague idea of one day dreaming of a house. We had an idea of a budget, and we would sigh as we drove past For Sale signs, but that was it. After one meeting with Geoff, owning a house started to feel like it might actually happen. He came prepared with numbers and a solid understanding of the process. He was able to explain things very well, so I never felt lost in the paperwork or language. It was about 3-months from our first meeting to owning our own house! I could not be happier with Geoff's efficiency, expertise, and overall care for us to achieve our dream. 

Shelby A.

Geoff was willing to do extra follow up such as driving from Sacto to Los Gatos delivering the final loan package on the day of final signing - facilitating closure. He was engaged and always willing to meet and follow up on loan requirements and procedures. 
Thank you Geoff! 

Steven H.

I would highly recommend working with Geoff on your next transaction! He was very supportive and informative from the beginning of the process, from obtaining a pre-approval, ensuring I receive the best interest rate I qualified for, and explaining all the paperwork to my satisfaction. He kept me informed throughout the process and let me know in advance of any requirements I needed to attend to. Very professional, timely to respond and an overall pleasure to work with; thanks Geoff!

Sue W.

I had the pleasure of working with Geoff Prettyman on a recent home loan. Throughout the process, he was incredibly professional, informative, honest and efficient. He is truly the expert in his field and will give you an honest opinion on your situation whether it is beneficial to him or not. I would highly recommend Geoff to my friends, colleagues and family members.

Tanya S.

I recommend Geoff Prettyman to everyone I know. I heard from another associate that Geoff was good, I cannot Thank Geoff enough for all of the hard work he has done and making things happen in a timely manner. It's been a pleasure working with Geoff. I highly recommend Geoff Prettyman.

Theodore P.

Geoff was always available and very responsive to emails and texts; our loan went through without any hiccups at all. 

Thomas G.
Licensing Information :
Licensed in California by the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act 417-0015. Not Licensed in the State of New York.