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Ashli Tuton

Ashli Tuton

Area Sales Manager
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About Ashli

Integrity is the cornerstone of my business. I believe a mortgage should be about building relationships, and helping my customers achieve their home financing goals, its not just a transaction.

As your confident mortgage professional, I take a consultative approach to the home loan process by customizing each home financing solution to my customer. Its important to me to tailor the mortgage to their unique financial needs.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing your current residence or investing in additional property, I can help you find the right loan program for you. Contact me today.

13430 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 110
13430 N Scottsdale Road,
Suite 110,
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


We could not have had a better person in our corner than Ashli. During the lending process I was hospitalized for three weeks. Ashli had my back and kept things moving in a positive direction. Her advice was invaluable and it truly felt like we were dealing with a friend who wanted us to get this house as much as we did. I would recommend her to anyone needing to purchase a house. I don’t think we would have succeeded in this purchase if it hadn’t been for her.

Lawrence M.

Thanks to Ashli she made my dreams come true!

Ashli and her assistant helped me buy my first home. My loan was not the easiest as I was only 19. Ashli and her assistant walked me through each and every step and there were a lot of steps. They both always answered my calls or texts they never left me hanging. I will continue to use them and I appreciate how they made sure I understood the whole home buying process. In my opinion they are both top notch!!

Traci S.

Ashli went above and beyond by answering the ridiculous amount of questions I had, educating me on the moving parts of the process, and kept a great line of communication. There was never a day she didn't answer the phone. She is a subject matter expert and a true professional!

Donovan M.

She was very knowledgeable about everything. Returned calls quickly. Pleasant to deal with. Very fast getting anything everything you need. If there was something she needed she was very good at explaining what she needed and why.

Johnny J.

I have bought homes on the past, this was the best experience. I was never in the dark wondering what was happening with my loan. Ashli was there for me to answer questions every step of the way.

Jordin J.

She explained the process and answered all my questions! She did everything in her power to help us
get into our dream home! She went above and beyond!

Kareena L.

Ashli was great and was available whenever I needed questions answered! It was a crazy 15 day close and she did everything she could to make the process run smoothly. It was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone.

Katey F.

She was very caring, great communicator, fast to put paper work together for approval, available 24/7, even after closing she is open for any questions. She's the best on her field and we really appreciate her guidance for the whole process. Thank you so much Ashli!

Lawrence Y.

Every step of the process went smooth and fast. Communication was great I was always kept in the loop of the process which allowed for a very fast close date

Christopher W.

Ashli is the best!!! She went above and beyond with my initial financing and then went way above and
beyond with my re-financing!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Kristina S.

Support and communication was great. It was a pleasure working with Ashli.

Lisa C.

Ashli is always looking for ways to provide an effortless experience for her clients. She truly treats us like family.

Maurice F.

Ashli goes above and beyond to make sure all of my deals get done. She has so many amazing products and great rates. If you are looking to have a new partner on your side give Ashli a call!!!

Michael W.

Ashley is very great, she knows how thejob gets done will always come back to her And strongly
recommend her office.

Waleed S.
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